Olive Oil Reviews

There are many olive oils out on the market.  Which do you choose?  Here we will give some olive oil reviews so you can make an informed decision for the next time you purchase olive oil.  Hopefully, you will try one of these below and have a new favorite!

Olive Oil Reviews

In no particular order, the first olive oil review is Bariani Olive oil.  It is an extra virgin olive oil made from California Manzanillo and Mission olives.  It is unfiltered, stone crushed and cold pressed.  Since this olive is produces in small batches, it produces a bright, pure and clean taste.  It comes in a dark green bottle to protect its freshness.  This olive is rich and flavorful.  There have been instances where some people have complained of it being too tangy, acid or bitter, but overall, you will find Bariani Olive oil to be a neutral, high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Next up, we have Zoe olive oil.  This extra virgin olive oil was awarded as best choice in the New York Times.  It is fruity, buttery and slightly peppery.  This olive oil is from Spain.  It is also cold pressed. and has a nice olive green color, different from the normal yellowy colored oils you may be accustomed to.  It has a nice taste and smell.  Some people have said that this is too bland and neutral, but if you are looking for a mild, fresh tasting olive oil, then Zoe olive oil might be your best bet, especially since you get a 2 pack at a great price.

The third olive oil we are reviewing is Olio Taibi olive oil.  This is an organically grown extra virgin olive oil.  It is made from cold pressed organic Sicilian olives.  It is a fragrant and fruity tasting gourmet olive oil.  This is a high quality olive oil with great flavor perfect for dipping your bread into.  It has a wonderful flavor with a slight peppery taste.  So if you are looking for an olive oil packed with flavor, then give Olivo Taibi olive oil a chance.  Just note that you might consider the price a bit steep as a small bottle will cost you nearly $50, hence the gourmet labeling.

The fourth olive oil review is for a brand you are probably most familiar with since it is sold in most stores.  It is Colavita extra virgin olive oil.  This two pack version comes in black tin containers.  This is a cold pressed natural Italian olive oil.  It has a light, neutral taste,  perfect for everyday cooking use.  If you are looking for a good, budget friendly olive oil, then you should try Colavita extra virgin olive oil.

The last of the olive oil reviews is for Columela extra virgin olive oil.  This is another 2 pack set, but in glass bottles.  This kind is made from Spanish olives.   Columela olive oil has been a favorite among testers, rating high with America’s Test Kitchen and Consumer Reports.  The reason for this is because this olive oil is rich in flavor, smooth and quite tasty.  Another flavorful dipping oil.  If you are looking for an overall great olive oil, with rich fragrant flavor, then Columela extra virgin olive oil might be the one.

So from this set of olive oil reviews, Columela extra virgin olive oil has the best compliments for taste, price and overall approval.  I hope this olive oil review has been helpful and if it has, please do share it!


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