Olive Oil Smoke Point- What You Need to Know

olive oil smoke pointAre you looking for a good healthy cooking oil?  Well, look no further than olive oil.  But first you need to know a few things in regards to the olive oil smoke point.

First off, before we can get to the variations in olive oil’s smoke points, let’s define what a smoke point actually is.

The smoke point of an oil refers to the high heated temperature an oil gets to before it starts to smoke (which is something you have to look out for and not something you want to happen).

The actual smoke point of an oil indicates that the oil is about to burn and the reason you don’t want it to happen, since this means that the oils and the fats begin to break down (and not in a good way).

When an oil reaches the smoke point, it starts to degrade the nutritional value or benefits of the actual oil.  And it also negatively affects the flavor of the oil itself.  It is said that once the oil reaches the smoke point (starts to burn), it changes the chemical composition of the oil and may be harmful to your health.

Here are 2 things to remember about smoke points:

  • a low smoke point means you really shouldn’t cook with the oil at all
  • a high smoke point means that the oil is suitable for cooking in high temperatures such as frying

So now that we have defined what a smoke point is, let’s see what it means in relation to your olive oil.

Olive Oil Smoke Point- The Different Degrees

If you are planning on using olive oil to cook, you need to know that the smoke point of olive oils varies in degrees depending on what grade of olive oil you use.

But you can certainly use olive oil in your everyday cooking. You just need to know what kind of olive oil you should use in order to give you the best results and still get the overall benefits of the olive oil.

The smoke point of olive oil varies in the actual quality of the olive oil you are using and the way the oil was extracted. Contrary to popular belief, in general, olive oil has a high smoke point.  You just have to know which kind of olive oil has the high smoke point you are after.

You also need to remember that the higher the smoke point of olive oil, the more refined the actual oil is.  So, lets take a look at the differences in olive oils in regards to the smoke point.

  • extra virgin olive oil- 320 degrees F/160 C
  • virgin olive oil- 420 degrees F/216 C
  • pomace- 460 degrees F/238 C
  • extra light- 468 degrees F/242 C

A couple of things to keep in mind now that you know the smoke point of olive oil.  Even though there are different grades of olive oils, all the oils still have the benefit of being high in monounsaturated fats, making them healthy for your heart.  And now that you see the different temperatures of the olive oils, you can make a better more informed decision when you cook.

Just remember, if you are frying, then using extra light olive oil, is probably the best oil to use.  And if you only want to use extra virgin olive oil (evoo), then save that for all of your uncooked needs such as making dressings for salads and using it in raw foods and even for your facial, hair and body care needs.  Check out the olive oil reviews page for more information on great choices of olive oils.

I hope this article has helped you understand the varying differences in olive oil smoke points.  And in doing so, you are helping yourself to gain the most out of the olive oil’s benefits in your cooking and baking needs.

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Marinated Olives- Easy and Tasty Marinated Olives

Yummy Spanish Olives

marinated olives-Flickr photo by feministjulie

Olives are great tasting on their own.  But when you taste marinated olives, ever better.  The thing about marinated olives is that you don’t have to buy those expensive jars of gourmet olives if you want tasty marinated olives at home.

You really only need some regular plain jarred olives (green, black, etc.) and herbs/spices.  And a container to mix up and store your olives in.  Then you can let your creativity run wild with your seasonings.

Marinated Olives- Store Bought or Homemade

If you have ever bought those fancy olives at a gourmet shop or an olive bar, you know that it can get pretty pricy.  And for what?  All it is is olives with various seasonings and spices.  You can do that at home right?!?

Making marinated olives at home is so easy to do that you don’t really need any sort of recipe.  You really can’t mess it up.  You can just marinate your preferred olives in whatever spice combination you want.  I’m partial to adding fresh garlic, lemon, cumin, parsley and hot pepper flakes.

The most important thing is to get olives that are good quality and good tasting. It really does not matter what brand or kind of olive you buy, nor does it matter if you buy the olives in a jar or in bulk. Just a word of caution though. If you use oil cured olives, the marinated olives will be strong, just like the olives themselves. The flavors won’t really mellow out much. I find oil (or salt) cured olives to be too overpowering, but you may love oil cured olives for that very reason.

I prefer to buy olives in bulk since I love eating olives on their own and I can make various combinations all at once.  Plus, you don’t have to be messing with small jars and it ends up being cheaper as well.

Also, olives really don’t spoil and you keep the leftovers in the fridge, so don’t let the bulk quantity scare you into buying a smaller size.  It just all depends how often and how much olive you eat on a day to day basis.

If you are looking for bulk olives, then Amazon has a nice variety.  I love the picholine olive variety.  But any variety of olive will work. I’ve included the link to both the bulk and small size of these olives:

Picholine French Provence Gourmet Green Olives 200 gr 7 oz jar

Roland Olives, Picholine, 5.5-Pounds

If you insist on having a marinated olives recipe, then check out the video link below that shows you how to make 4 kinds of marinated olive recipes.  Sorry, but you’ll have to click on the link to view the video as the owner of this video does not allow the video to be embedded.  But check out the video….it is worth it in my opinion.

Watch this video on how to make easy and tasty marinated olives

So, what did you think?  Seems easy enough right?  Don’t let the long list of ingredients scare you into not making the marinated olives.  Remember that the ingredient list is for making 4 types of marinated olives.  You can just make your favorite (or at least what appeals to you the most) so the ingredient list will be a lot smaller, and you will be done super fast.

The other thing to mention is that when you marinate olives, it is best to leave them alone for a few hours.  You want the herbs and spice flavors to meld and absorb into the olives.  But it’s ok if you eat a few right away….you gotta taste test them right?

I hope the video clip made you realize just how quick and easy it is to make homemade marinated olives at a fraction of the price of store bought.  And you can almost guarantee that it will be that much fresher and tastier too.  Enjoy those marinated olives!

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Spa Basket- Olive Oil Beauty Products

So Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  Do you know what you are getting the special mom(s) in your life?  How about a nice spa basket?  Particularly, an olive oil beauty products gift basket.

Olive Oil Beauty Products in a Spa Basket

Using olive oil in skin care products is a great way to add natural moisture to your daily routine.  Luckily if you don’t want to bother adding olive oil directly to such products, then how about these natural olive oil beauty products? These beauty products are natural and make a great gift for Mother’s Day, or for any occasion really.

Rather than go for the typical flowers for Mother’s Day (nothing wrong with that), why not try something a little different?  This spa gift basket is a good way to pamper the mom(s) in your life. Or females in general.  Or even some males too.

Check out what is included in this spa basket:

  • Organic Hand and Nail Creme 3.4 fl oz
  • Organic Shower Gel 500 ml 17 fl oz and Deeply Moisturizing Body Lotion 17 fl oz
  • Organic Exfoliating Salt Scrub 17 fl oz
  • Organic All Over Body Moisturizer 8.5 fl oz
  • Organic Foaming Hand Wash 17 fl oz Pump
  •  Bamboo Sponge
  • A stylish metal container that can be reused as a planter, for storage, etc.

These olive oil beauty products are a great way to send some pampering love to the special ladies in your life.  And before you balk at the price, keep in mind that that is basically the amount of money you would pay for a really nice flower arrangement plus adding the cost of delivery.  And that only last for a couple of days.  This gift basket however, will last for quite some time and be beneficial for her skin. The product sizes are pretty generous.  And it states organic so they will be more natural than a lot of other spa beauty health products.

TIP: If you didn’t want to spend that amount of money, you could always buy individual similar items, group them together and wrap them in a basket yourself.  But in the end, this saves you time.  I can’t speak for the amount of money you would save buying the items individually, but perhaps you may want to price compare and see for yourself.

Whether you are looking to buy a spa basket for Mother’s Day or not, these olive oil beauty products are a thoughtful and useful personal gift.


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Good Health Natural Foods- Olive Oil Potato Chips

How can health foods and potato chips be in the same sentence?  Well, it can.  Sort of.  Good Health Natural Foods makes quite a few snack foods from fruit and veggie chips to olive oil potato chips.  And they also attempt to make junk food as healthy as possible.

Good Health Natural Foods- How About Some Olive Oil Potato Chips?

So you have a craving for something salty or less than healthy, right?  Who doesn’t?  So if you are gonna eat junk food, how about having your junk food be as healthy as possible?

That is where Good Health Natural Foods comes in with a great option.  And here, I am specifically talking about olive oil potato chips.  Who doesn’t like potato chips?

These gourmet potato chips are kettle cooked or kettle style.  If you don’t know what that means or have never tasted kettle cooked chips, then all you have to know is that cooking chips in a kettle makes the potato chips extra crispy and adds a hearty crunch.  And you tend to get quite a few of scrunched up potato chips as well, which is a bonus in my book.

Anyway, these potato chips are as natural as junk food can get.  All it contains are potatoes, salt and pure olive oil. The company states that it is a source of mono and polyunsaturated fats because of the olive oil the chips are cooked in, but I’m not sure how healthy the fats are when eating it in a fried chip, but I guess you still get some benefits. Well, it is not like you can expect to get all your nutrients and vitamins from junk food, so take it for what it is.

So the fact that these potato chips are cooked in olive oil and not some hydrogenated blended oils, make eating these olive oil potato chips feel less like junk food.  And if it feels less like junk food, you’ll also feel less guilty eating them, since they are minimally processed.

Good Health Natural Foods brand olive oil potato chips come in a few flavors.  You have the regular which is made with sea salt, then you have cracked pepper and sea salt for a little spice, then you have rosemary for that fresh herby, earthy taste, and last you have the garlic flavor.  You can try a bag, or 12 here.

What more can I say about potato chips, really?  These olive oil potato chips from Good Health Natural Foods are an easy and tasty way to get more olive oil into your diet. How’s that for rationalizing eating these chips and feeling good about it?  Enjoy!



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Olive Oil Apps

olive oil appsSo it seems everyone is online these days searching for information.  Why should searching for olive information be any different?   Well, here are two olive oil apps that might make things easier for you, especially if you are an olive lover.

Olive Oil Apps- Get Info Instantly

These two olive oil apps are available through Itunes.  Both are a little different from each other so each offers their own benefits.  Let’s take a look.

The first olive oil app is called Olive Oil IQ and is put out by Sutro Media.  This app will give you quite a bit of olive information and reference and hence test your olive oil IQ.  It will talk about olive history, choosing the best olive trees, how to pick the best olive oils to suit your needs, olive uses and much more.  You can get it here.

The second olive oil app is called GoEVOO by Polished Pixels.  In case you don’t watch tv or a certain someone that started slinging the term around, EVOO stands for extra virgin olive oil.  But you already knew that right?  So anyway, GoEVOO is an app that is described as an olive lover’s guide.  It is educational and interactive.  It also talks about olive history and many olive benefits as well as listing olive events, tastings and retailers.  It too talks of the many olive oil uses.   You can check it out here.

Whether you use these olive oil apps on your phone, IPad or ITouch, they are sure to come in handy when you have that olive question, right at your fingertips.

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Olive Gold 03- Ozonated Olive Oil Lotion

Olive Gold 03Here is an interesting product, Olive Gold 03.  It is not so much interesting as it is a bit different.  It is interesting in what it claims it does.  All Olive Gold 03 basically is, is olive oil and ozonated oxygen.  You see what I mean, an ozonated olive oil??  I don’t know about you, but the oxygen part makes this product intriguing.  If you have read enough about the benefits of olive oil and how good it is for your skin, hair and body, then you shouldn’t be surprised at what Olive Gold can possibly do for you.  Add oxygen to the mix, and well, you would think this is a magic lotion.  Or not.  You decide.

Olive Gold 03- What Makes This Product So Special?

If Olive Gold is only a mixture of olive oil and oxygen, then what is the big deal?  Well, let me answer that.

  • it is a super oxygen rich organic olive oil lotion
  • it provides oxygen which enriches your blood and helps your body perform better
  • it contains vitamins such as A, C, D, E  and various B vitamins
  • it has over 72 minerals

Some of the benefits of using Olive Gold 03 are:

  • it enhances brain function and who doesn’t want a better working brain?
  • it helps neutralize your toxins which helps keep you healthy
  • helps stretch marks
  • helps different kinds of internal skin conditions

Doesn’t this product seem like a miracle cure to you?  Just for basically being a lotion?  It seems like it claims a lot.  Especially since it says that you can take it internally, but Olive Gold 03 also has botanical essences and fragrances, so I’d question taking it internally in that case.  But, overall, if you base it on just the key points, Olive Gold 03 is a great natural moisturizing product.   However, it comes in a small 4oz. pump bottle, which may seem like a small amount, but a little goes a long way since it is rich and you only need a few drops at a time.

You may think that the price is a little steep.  But if it does work and makes you feel better internally and makes you look better externally, then perhaps the price is justified in that case.  And like I mentioned, a little goes a long way.  It lasts way longer than your less expensive products that have a lot of junk and fillers which you have to use more of and finishes quicker.

This ozone olive oil lotion is great as an all in one lotion.  You can apply it to your face and your body.  Then you also get the benefit of adding oxygen to your body which supposedly can enhance and make you better internally as well.   How many other lotions, moisturizers, creams, etc do you know that can do that?  It is like liquid vitamins in a lotion form.  But you be the judge of this ozonated olive oil lotion called Olive Gold 03 and see what it can do for you.

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How to Make Olive Oil

You are here because you want to know how to make olive oil.  Either you are curious about the process or you would like to try making olive oil at home.  Well, let me just say that if your intention is to make olive oil at home, you will have a hard time with it since special equipment is required to extract the oil from the olive.

If you are curious about how olive oil is made and the process that goes into it, then check out the videos below.  As you can see, you need pretty industrial sized special equipment that press and extract the oil from the olive.

Making olive oil at home is messy and will probably not yield you much successful results.  You could try it though as it could make for some fun experimenting.  I did not find any video that provided that sort of information, at least not good detailed steps.  Basically,  you just blend some olives and put it in a bowl and let it sit for a few days until the natural oils surface to the top.  Can you imagine how much olives you would need to use and how much time you would spend to just get a little oil from that?

You are better off buying the best olive oil you can get, in which case, you can read some olive oil reviews right here.  You could however, try and make your own infused olive oils which is quite easy to do actually.  If you want to find out how to make garlic infused olive oil, check out this recipe here.  So, on with the making olive oil videos:

I hope you found the videos informative.  You should now be knowledgeable in the process of how to make olive oil.  At least just a little, right?

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Indoor Olive Tree

Have you seen those beautiful olive trees with their winding branches and roots? Olive trees are majestic and distinctive looking, aren’t they?  We can’t all live in the right climate to grow our own olive trees.  And then, not many of us have the space to grow such huge trees.  If you are one of those people, but would still like to have one, why not consider an indoor olive tree?

Indoor Olive Tree Beauty

Olive trees make really nice house plants.  They will surely be different than your normal indoor plants, that is for sure.  First, it looks like a mini olive tree.  And second, it adds character to your home. The olive tree, or olea tree for short, adds beauty without the bulk or gardening demands of a regular sized olive tree.  But then again, you also have a drawback.  If you grow your indoor olive tree, it will most likely not produce any fruit.

On the plus side, if you did not already know, olive trees are symbols of peace.  And who doesn’t want more peace and serenity in their home?  I know I do.

If you live in a milder climate area like California, you can take your olive tree and plant it right outside.  But for the rest of us, when it gets cold out, you can put it inside for the winter.  These little indoor olive trees look great on the patio too if you do not have a garden.  Or just leave them indoors all year round.  Either way, they will grow more pretty over time.

You can get indoor olive trees here, where it will be shipped to you in a 4 inch pot and the tree itself will be about a foot tall.  Since it is shipped through the mail in a box (but with adequate moisture), take it out as soon as possible and put it next to a sunny window.  Then just give it love, water and more sun.

So if you are fond of house plants and would like to add a different look to your normal indoor plant mix, then perhaps this adorable indoor olive tree might be what you are looking for.


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Hair One Cleansing Conditioner

Do you have hair that is unmanageable and over processed?  Is it dry, frizzy and all over the place?  Well, today I want to talk about Hair One cleansing conditioner.  You may or may not have heard of it.  It is an all in one shampoo plus conditioner.

Hair One Cleansing Conditioner- with Jojoba and Olive Oils

If you have the type of hair that needs extra moisture in your cleansing and conditioning products, then Hair One might be the answer for you.  It is a cleansing conditioner with no sulfates.  It combines jojoba oils and olive oils. Jojoba oil is great for your skin and hair and it is non greasy and absorbs quickly.  Olive oil has been used as a moisturizer throughout history and is a beneficial ingredient in this product.  There are no damaging detergents or harsh chemicals that can make your hair weak.  Hair One comes in a convenient 12 ounce pump bottle and it is safe for color treated hair.

Hair One Cleansing Conditioner- A Great Affordable Alternative

Hair One cleansing conditioner is a great affordable alternative to Wen Hair Care.  You have probably seen this product on TV commercials or print ads.  But did you know that this Hair One product is about half the cost of Wen Hair Care?  And it works just as good.  And if you have never tried Wen, then you are probably not missing anything.  So, if you were looking for a great, affordable and effective Wen hair care alternative, then give Hair One a try and see for yourself.  It will leave you with healthy, shiny, soft hair.  Hair One also makes an aloe and cucumber version for normal hair as well as a tea tree oil formula for dry scalp.

When using Hair One, just make sure to follow the directions on the bottle and rinse completely.  That way, you will not encounter a feeling of “not clean enough” or have your hair look weighed down.

Another reason to use Hair One, aside from its affordability and effectiveness, is that you may find it at your local drugstore or hair supply store.  But if not, there is always trusty Amazon. So if you are looking for a great shampoo and conditioner that cleans and well, conditions, try this Hair One cleansing conditioner.  Your hair (and pocketbook or wallet) will be happy.


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Misto M100S Gourmet Brushed Aluminum Olive Oil Sprayer

Are you tired of spending your money on oil in a spray can? What’s so special about it anyway?  Plus, spray oil in a can has extra ingredients that make it less than healthy.  So, what to do?  Well, you can go out and get the Misto M100S Gourmet Brushed Aluminum Olive Oil Sprayer.

Two main reasons to go and get this Misto sprayer.  One, you will be saving money in the long run and it is better for the environment, since you are not throwing out can after can of  spray oil when empty.  And two, since you will be using your favorite oil (olive I hope), you can control the taste (and amount of fat) to your liking.  Ok, that was more like three reasons.  But all valid, right?

Now let’s get down to this olive oil sprayer review.  So first off, this sprayer comes in brushed aluminum.  You can also get it in eggplant (purple), red and blue (but it definitely looks more like aqua).

The basic way to use this olive oil sprayer is to use your favorite gourmet olive oil, or any kind of oil really.  You fill it up half way in the container as instructed.  This comes out to about 1/3 cup of oil. Then you screw the lid back on and pump it a few times so you are filling the container with air pressure and this is what makes you able to spray your oil.  Simple as that.  You can watch a quick little video of how to use the Mistro sprayer here.

It is really easy to clean too.  You just use warm water and a bit of detergent.  Then it is ready for use again.  You can use the spray oil on just about anything.  Use it to coat your frying pans or to lightly saute your food.  Spray it on your homemade thick cut fries and bake them.  You can even use it on your salad and control the amount of fat you are using in your dressing or vinaigrette.  You can use it for grilling, roasting, you name it.  And you can even use it to grease your cookie sheets. You really can’t go wrong with this simple, useful kitchen gadget.

One issue that many people report is that the nozzle gets clogged.  But if you follow some steps, you won’t ever have to deal with that.  You basically loosely unscrew the cap after each use so the pressure can naturally be released and so it does not build up and clog the nozzle over time.  And, only fill the container half way.  That’s it.

Misto M100S Gourmet Brushed Aluminum Olive Oil Sprayer

Is this the best olive oil sprayer?  I think so.  There are other fancier looking cooking oil sprayer out there, but this seems to be the most popular for good reason.  And the price is better than a lot of them.  On a side note, this Misto M100S Gourmet Brushed Aluminum Olive Oil Sprayer is actually a few dollars cheaper than the same model in stainless steel.  And you can’t really tell the difference, so your best bet is to go with this aluminum finish.  Ok, so be healthy and spray on!!!


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